As promised, STANDARDBLANC.COM will provide practical information to its readers.

Today I will propose my time-tested simple&cheap way to reach Rome city center from Ciampino Airport.

Once arrived to Ciampino airport, get out from the Arrivals section, and reach the front square where taxi, shuttles and bus use to park.

Get the ATRAL bus which goes to Anagnina Metro “A” station [source: . There are runs every 20 minutes approx, and ticket is €1.20 at the moment [one-way, direct]. This bus will get less than 20 minutes to reach Anagnina Metro “A” station.

From there, you will be able to reach the Rome area you need, through the Metro [the underground], which still the most reliable public transport in town, despite all the problems it has.

Just to give you an idea, from Anagnina to Spagna, the Metro “A” takes less than 25 minutes.

Other shuttle services take at least 50 minutes just to reach Termini station … not a great deal.

Here below the Stops board [source: ].


You can check the ATAC [bus, tram, underground] tickets offers and pricelist here: .

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