These are hard times for Italy native people.

Economy moves very slow, the Country itself and many privates have debits and/or unpaid credits.

Italy is losing almost young-smart-honest-productive native people, and it’s getting important amounts of unpredictable-unscheduled-irregular immigrants. Here the results from a recent study conducted by the Confcommercio group on the statistical connection between crime and immigration: .

The main point for me is that Italy economy is NOT founded on the main Country features: Tourism, Food&Beverage, Crafting, Green energy.

How to survive to this scenario? Make a plan. You have 2 ways:

1)leave the Country, if you already have skills;

2)Learn the first skills, and then Climb the wall.

These 2 ways deserve more space to be explained, but I will drop few lines on point 2.

The basic working scenario to get skills in Italy is to be a stagist. Does it make sense being a stageur/euse in Italy? YES and NO.

YES if you know from now that you just have to “steal with mind and eyes” all the workflows that may help you in life, and then leaving that environment and perhaps the Country. Set a “Time budget” [i.e. 1-2 years], set a “money budget” [as you may lose more money than the ones you are earning, if so].

Remember that Time is more precious than money, in the mid-long term perspective. Money is necessary at the beginning, as you need it to survive.

The average budget to test a new EU country for work-living is around 3000.00/5000.00 euros [they should cover all your needs for 4-6 months].

If you need money but the company does not pay for the stage, ask a loan to your family, if possible, or find a waiter-bartender job. Such jobs offer great part-time opportunities, off-records tips, and they can be done all around the world with the same set of skills.

NO. Don’t believe to any promises of future marvellous career upgrade if you don’t see from the beginning real investments on growth put in place by your management. If a company is really thinking to grow, there should be already a business plan. If after some month you are not taking any part to the planning, in any sense, be prepared to the fact they are just lying to you. It’s not a bad news, you know the game, you know what they are doing. Learn what you can, and be ready to leave/find something better for your next step.

Remember that there are thousands of people in the world who are fakes, overpaid and overestimated. But also these fakes invested some year on networking, to monitor the best place/department/people to brown-nose at to have revenue. So you need some time to learn skills. The fakes will look stronger in their environment, but they are not. They are just settled in/limited to that field. You will take away your skills with you, wherever you will go.

You skills, your humility, your will and your patience will be your rope to climb the wall. What you will find beyond the wall? You will know that once you will be there.

Good luck.