In a previous article, STANDARDBLANC.COM already mentioned the clear lack of common sense of Italy’s political management as “Italy economy is NOT founded on the main Country features: Tourism, Food&Beverage, Crafting, Green energy” .

Green energy is one of the most evident pains in the back Italy has.

One of the most “sexy” and hypocrite remedial in Italy is to stop people from using cars along the weekend [source: ]. So Italians get limited on their spare time options basically because politicians did not find anything better to propose in order to mask their failures on Green policies within the last 30 years.

This nice map shows the most “productive” area of Italy being also the most affected by pollution: . So Regions that produce more money with their local economy are also the most polluted. This does not look a good deal for people’s health nor to protect the environment.

By the way, in Italy we have to live with an even more bizarre solution farted by our politicians minds … A town in the southern Italian region of Campania has issued an edict that could stop its pizzerias from operating in a bid to put paid to a mysterious smog hanging over the city [source: ].

So while all around the world people are dreaming of/imitating our “wood and stone” baked pizza, in Italy we ban this icon targeting it as dangerous for the environment? I don’t know enough offensive words to define this approach, so I would just say this is so stupid I cannot even comment.

Again, I believe you should not be surprised to see Italians leaving their Country to have a new life abroad.