Ireland is starting to pay for the increased industrialization and population density on its territory.

The EPA ‘State of the Environment’ report released in November 2016 revealed that pollution from vehicles and burning fuels will soon be bad enough to kill as many people as tobacco, with figures in the report stating that 1,000 people in Ireland die prematurely each year as a result of air pollution [source ].

According to the linked Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s report: “In Ireland the premature deaths attributable to air pollution are estimated at 1,200 people” .

On the EPA [Environment protection agency] website is also monitored Irish water pollution.

Ireland has considerable surface water resources, with over 70,000 km of river channel, 12,000 lakes, 850 km2 of estuaries and 13,000 km2 of coastal waters. Groundwater is significant too, and it provides over 20% of water supplies nationally.

“The quality of Irish groundwater and surface waters is among the best in Europe. However, there are many impacts that need to be addressed to bring all waters up to a satisfactory level and to protect waters already in good condition” [source ] .

Unfortunately rivers [99% are impacted by pollution] and lakes [54% impacted] are the aquatic environments which are more exposed to pollution.

Considering its fast growth, unique in Europe,  Ireland should invest more money and attention on its environment protection, doing more than the aged smokey coal ban .

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