May 2017. The Eternal City major is currently under pressure because of the poor waste management.

Apparently the company which should handle that, the AMA, is not dealing properly with the volumes of waste the City produces.

The former Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi [Partito Democratico], and many others, are pointing the finger against the current Rome major, Virginia Raggi [Movimento 5 Stelle].

I would say that waste management issue is just an excuse (in Italy we are famous to create brilliant explanations for everything wrong we do) for Politicians to “chicken-fight” and to drive attention of voters against the contender.

Unfortunately a big part of the bigger picture is related to Italians citizens themselves, which do not have the culture of recycling as solid as other communities in Europe, as Germans, for example.

Who placed the dummy [featured image] on a side of the waste bin? Mrs. Raggi or Mr. Renzi?! I don’t think so …. Such items should be collected by specific entities which are part of the waste management system, it should not be allowed to discharge them on the street.

The ugly truth is that Italians fight for football, but they do not fight for their basic human rights. All the malfunctioning Italy has are related to the lack of unity of Italians citizen. Italians complain on effects but don’t push to have more control on causes, and as Citizens and taxpayers they should!

Italians are abandoning elections . It’s well known that at least 1/4 of total Italian voters practice abstentionism [source: .

And if citizens do not participate to the Country political life, what does happen? Let’s ask it to Machiavelli :

“Politics have no relation to moral”.