Deliveroo is one of the modern job realities which mix the old with the new.

Deliveries are among the most ancient jobs humans ever did. The App Deliveroo uses for both riders and customers, can run on a simple smartphone, and it includes of course the GPS tracking.

According to Wikipedia, Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company with operations spread across eighty-four cities [UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong] .

Deliveroo offers hybrid job opportunities, as it has employed or “half-employed” workers [most of them as riders].

On Glassdoor Ireland it’s possible to monitor the average riders salaries, and they do not look so attractive.

Considering the slice of the market Deliveroo wants to rule on, I would say that Tech and Riders should be the most paid employees in the company. I have no doubt the IT engineers can get a competitive salary [as they earn more than 45.000,00 EURO/year almost everywhere in Europe], but I was guessing about the riders, as all the guys I met [girls are less than the 20% of the workforce] looked like nice but low profiled persons.

Deliveroo salaries.JPG

Once again I was right.

In UK and Australia, countries which have a lot of similarities [and where life costs more than Ireland] more than one concern has been expressed about the Deliveroo’ s work contracts.

On 2016, Deliveroo’ s London riders striked for an entire day to protest a new pay plan that they claimed would result in considerable lower wage, without sick and accident pay. The Company later on abandoned its plans on this. In the same year, the financial website  reported that Deliveroo’ s CEO increased his own salary of the double, from £53,333 to £102,135/year.

It’s curious to notice that entrepreneurs always need enthusiastic people working for their Company to realize their own plans, but when it comes the moment to pay them, they tend to be quite miser.

I am quite sure that Deliveroo riders are not exposed to a punishment like the Ludlow Massacre, but in a millennium where a lot of people give up life for drugs or crimes, people who show interest and attitudes for an humble but respectable and useful job should be seriously enhanced.

May be a plan of consistent discounts for a superior education and/or a well rounded medical insurance should be included as main benefits for the riders, with the social and economical sponsorship of the local Governments. Especially riders on bicycles have a strong impact on the cities’ everyday life, helping to reduce traffic and pollution.

A note if you want to help Deliveroo riders to have a better life, leave them TIPS as more than one rider stated to not receive almost any extra from clients who get their food in time.