I am Italian and I am not a football fan. However for me Juventus represented Italy on the Champions League final, and if I would have to choose between an Italian team and a Spanish team [Real Madrid], the choice would have been really easy: the Italian Team.

Unfortunately, I realized this choice was not so obvious for many other Italians watching the game.

As I said many times, Italians can be top performer in a number of activities, for the best or the worst place. For sure they are among the best “haters” in the world. And the curious thing is that they reach the top of their aggressiveness when dealing with other Italians.

Quoting an Italian legend as Enzo Ferrari, “Italians forgive everything but success”.

Supporters of Inter were indeed the ones who desired Juventus loss the most, as Inter is actually the only “Italian club” to win the 3 main competitions an Italian team can compete for within the same year: “A” League, Italian Cup, Champions League. So as Juventus already got the first two on this 2016-2017, with the Cardiff final victory would have achieved the “trinity”. I would mention that the Inter Team who won the “trinity” was almost made by non-Italian players and manager, so the accomplishment is more ONU-LATAM than italian … sorry.

Soccer in Italy is an excellent mirror about the social degradation of Italians. Most of the Italians, are historically more gifted to desire other Italians failure than to accomplish their own success.

In Italy, Italians create their own small communities and/or groups [friends, supporters, parents, colleagues, etc…] , they share part of their brain with the others of the community, and then they switch off the rest of their mind. After this step, their exclude and/or screw with the diverse. They believe to be under control of the situation, to have whatever they need to face all possible emergencies, but they are not. The reality is that a Country is really healthy only when the majority of its citizens have care of their next just as he or she is, without any distinction.

Italians are more “patriot” abroad, as when their are forced to leave their small community to have a new life, they start to understand what means to be an outsider. Abroad they may feel the sudden warm sensation coming from people who have their same cultural background, who speak their native language.

Of course the outcome of such Italian culture is to have growing thousands of Italians abroad who are proud to be Italian but that would never come back to live in Italy.

An example of this situation sticking with the last, Champions League final ? All my Italian friends living abroad [and not Inter supporters] were supporting Juventus. All my Italian friends living in Italy [and not Juventus supporters] were supporting Real Madrid.

Any comment on that?

Italians lose wars as if they were football matches and football matches as if they were wars” Winston Churchill.