There is an extended bibliography on why/how/when attractive girls are victim of prejudices, stereotypes and jokes because of their beauty. Apparently none of them can be genuinely successful in life just because of their beauty.

A beautiful lady almost never obtains results because of meritocracy, people think . A research published by Science Direct stresses the fact that attractive women suffer hiring discrimination for both managerial and non-managerial positions. I would say, according to my personal experience, Yes and No. A jealous female recruiter or a sexist male recruiter may be affected by prejudices related to the female applicant’s beauty. On the other hand, female feminists recruiters [in Ireland there’s a plenty of] or cheeky male recruiters can even overestimate an attractive female applicant. So discrimination in which direction? Getting or not getting the job?

What is sure is that Marketing always abused of women’s beauty, with almost no complain by the female models involved, at least along the early stage of their career.

Feminists movements generally attack men as responsible of using the female beauty as a tool for their personal pleasure. I believe it’s normal for men to like beautiful women. It would make more sense for Feminists to attack females who “trade” their own beauty for an easier life, in all the possible ways …

TIME magazine reminds us what the beautiful actress and model Kelly LeBrock said on 1980, tossing her hair coquettishly as she shilled for Pantene shampoo: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…”. Of course LeBrock knew that she was a testimonial for such important brand because of her outstanding appearance, so I presume that one was just a slogan for money and a shampoo.

Quitting now what beauty can do, let’s talk about what Female’s ugliness can do.

A non-attractive Female can focus her own life on skills and results, without any kind of doubt nor regret. An ugly woman plays alone. She will never have distraction as cheerleader, nor as testimonial for any lingerie or make-up brand. She will be never hired by any horny male or female […lesbian, yes, also women likes it!] recruiter just because of beauty.

Accordingly, she can live her life at the fullest. Such a gift from the Fate!

Now the question is: why all the female-friendly International Brands do not consistently “use” ugly women for all their visual advertising campaigns?

May be human’s body beauty [male of female does not matter] is simply attractive and inspiring as it is, as a sunset or a landscape? I think so.

I would say that a beautiful body is like a wonderful voice. Sinatra’s melodies still enchant thousands of people all around the world, I can just sing in the shower… but that’s ok, I don’t feel myself discriminated because of that.

The rest, my friends, it’s just hypocrisy.

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful”. Zoe Kravitz