This June 2017 Dublin and some other Irish town reached temperatures which are similar to other European Countries in this season.

Irish people seem to not pay too much attention to their Country’s weather, but when the Sun shines everyone falls in love for that mystical fireball in the sky which is so greedy with the Green Island.

In the main picture of this article, 2 Irish guys looking at the Sun as Jeff Goldblum was looking at the Alien’s Mother ship in the movie “Independence Day”…

Yes because Ireland is usually sunny just on Instagram, thanks to some sponsorship and other kind of “brown bags” to photographers and travel bloggers… Seriously… even stones know that in Ireland there is an average of 151 to 225 days/year with rain on . Check here below the ladies’ mood, wrapped in their coats… this picture is from Dublin too, just 20 days ago!

Rain and coats ladies - Dublin late May 2017

Along the last 3 days temperatures in Dublin reached and possibly passed the 26 Celsius degrees. What is standard for many other Countries, a sunny and warm day with no-wind, in Ireland becomes an event.

I love Dublin on a sunny day, it’s a beautiful city, so simple but so genuine. You may feel at home somehow.

But after this mirage, Dublin stills a place which cannot handle such heat waves. Realistically, Ireland economy relies more on bad weather than on sunny days.

After 2 days and half of real Sun, you can walk around seeing people red like chilli peppers, stunned. I remember the magical Dublin 2013’s summer, which lately long lasted almost 40 days. Pub owners were desperate as their clubs were empty, no nightlife. People were enjoying life outdoor from dawn till dusk, especially Brazilians, Spanish and Italians.

You should have been here to look such at people’s face! 

On one side Latin people were delighted, purchasing some beer and juice in the jet market and spending the whole day lying on the grass and enjoying old and new friends.

On the other hand the Club owners, desperate… I repeat it because it’s true, as in such Countries, pubs earn money thanks to depressing weather, selling beer and other alcoholic drinks.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth” . Buddha