Dublin hosts every year the most important parade in Ireland regarding persons with different sexual orientations [LGBTQ = Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Questioning].

Ireland revealed itself as a quite progressist and modern Country, as per May 22nd, 2015 Same-sex Marriage Referendum, where in total 1,201,607 people voted in favour with 734,300 against, giving a majority of 467,307. The total valid poll was 1,935,907.

Let me say this is great, as I firmly believe that sexual orientation should not affect any legal aspect in the life of 2 adults who love each other.

I would even go beyond. As sexual orientation is something personal and natural, as being right or left handed doing things, I would not even feel the need to have something to “celebrate” every year. But this is just myself, as I believe it’s not possible to say something is “normal” if people still has ceremonies associating it to something felt as diverse. It’s simply a contradiction.

Yes because exaggeration can push a pure and honest idea to make it ridiculous, unfair or offensive for the others who are not in line with that. And I will explain myself in a minute.

Again, I have both friends and parents with a different [different from mine] sexual orientation, and I absolutely love them. I even think, and facts can prove it, that persons who are open minded and more in line with their passions and their own Nature are more productive and collaborative in a community, for sure they are more precious resources than stubborn conservatives close in their own small minds.

However, let me say that the inconsistency of celebrating “to be different pretending it’s normal” it’s just an additional opportunity for the ones who exploits people nature and desires to make money.

The outcome of what I am trying to say is to see ridiculous banners as the ones I saw in Dublin [Ireland, June 2017], attached here below… the Lesbian vodka, the Gay bank, the transgenders’ betting point

Dublin Gay pride Bank advert 2017   Dublin Gay pride Vodka advert 2017.jpg

I mean, are we in a circus or what?! I want to believe that LGBTQ people were free/respected using such products and services also before the Ireland Same-sex Marriage Referendum or, I don’t know, the outing of Ricky Martin ?!

Is this the kind of respect LGBTQ people want for themselves?! They want to be used by the brands? Yes because I hope they are smart enough to understand that such advertising is a clear signal not of tolerance nor respect, but more a confirmation that LGBTQ are now officially a slice of the market the brands want to make money. If a Tech Brand knows you are gay, it will create a tablet made with payettes?! Come on! Don’t let them use you!

In Italy we say that bad thoughts make you guilty but they also stick very well with reality … Well, I am sure it’s a coincidence the fact that most of the brands usually show men to mean “same gender lovers”, considering the fact that homosexual men are estimated to be at least 2 times more in number than lesbian women. Homosexual men are just the bigger slice of the market to bet on to make money …

LGBTQ are the new big cow to milk from family lawyers, wedding planners and all the other professionals will find opportunities to get money from them. Respect is something we have to conquer everyday, living with others.

One last note. I would also propose a reasonable “World Eterosexuals’ Pride day”, as humans’ natural birth rate is dropping [source] and apparently nobody is having care of it.

“Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized”.   Albert Einstein


Disclaimer: Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.