Disclaimer. This article will review some raw stereotype on women’s hairs colour and related sex appeal.

According to Dictionary.com, sex appeal is the ability to excite people sexually.

There is no doubt hair is a very important element for a woman presentation. The right hairstyle is a sort of precious frame of the face, as a nice dress does for the body or shoes for the foot.

Hair is also a marvellous seduction’s tool, giving contribution to spread the woman’s fragrance around her, flowing with the motion of her whole body, and probably “saying” something relevant about her personality.

Hair is also one of the most important playground for the business that lives on women’s beauty care, industry that Forbes estimates worthing $445 billion. Considering only USA, the haircare industry worths 85.52 billion dollars. Not bad huh?!

Now that we have some number, let’s talk about proper sex appeal and stereotypes. Yes because I strongly believe that sex and its stereotypes are a powerful carrier of people’s attention, which means “money” for the wisest.

If we search on some popular Web search engine “Irish girl” => Images, it will probably suggest red haired girls. This is just a stereotype as in a study named “Model-based prediction of human hair color using DNA variants” realized on a sample of 339 Republic of Ireland native people, less than the 5% of people were red haired [red+ginger red]. So why red hairs became a benchmark of Ireland? Because having a benchmark it’s important for the business [aka “branding”], giving a sort of orientation to people.

If we search on some popular Web search engine “stupid girl” => Images, it will probably suggest blonde girls. Why? Probably everything started from the yellow as colour which in Nature means “danger”. As men like strong feelings dealing with girls, blonde girls became the symbol of the “danger” that attracts men’s attention. As girls who behave in this way apparently bet on their appearance more than on their brain, blonde girl became synonym of stupid girl. If you want we can say it’s a mankind modern adaptation to the British evolutionary biologist Edward Bagnall Poulton neologism “Aposematism” .

But if we search on some popular Web search engine “porn actress” => Images, it will probably suggest …. Surprise surprise…. Brown/dark haired girls! Why? Also according to Wikipedia, brown hairs are the second most common in the world [after black hairs…]. Men desire is always partially related to familiarity [or to diversity, which is the biggest attraction, in my experience], and Porn industry got it very well … Female brown/dark hairs have that touch of “home” that brings bears to honey … girls, keep it in mind !

So as porn actress, professional or amateur, are the zenit of men’s desire, we can easily take the conclusion that brown/dark haired girls are the one with most sex appeal on men. Then, of course, it’s just a matter of personal opinions.

I will probably write another article on some trend I noticed on ladies/gentlemen attitude to hairs colour, because I believe it’s quite interesting.

At the moment what we can say, reviewing stereotypes and real statistics is that:

  • Some women who may want to attract attention for personal advantage, they try to be blondes ;
  • Some women who may want to look more “mature” but certainly sexy, they stick with brown/dark hairs.

“I’d luv to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair”. Bette Davis