Hard times are coming for smokers in Ireland.

The Green Island on September 30th 2017 will become the fourth [1] country in world to remove logos from tobacco packaging. Apparently the measure is designed to make tobacco packs less attractive to consumers … really?! [source].

All packaging in EU/UK area will be of a standardised greeny-brown colour, created to make smoking gestures less attractive.

It’s well known that colors [2] are extremely important for the impact they can have on consumers’ preferences and mood: packaging is one of the keys to influence the customers.

According to a very interesting research: Brown, which will be the main new theme of the EU packaging, is the less appealing color for both women and men ; Red [the most used color for advertising] is associated to daring-excitation, and for this reason will be banned for tobacco’s EU/UK advertising/packaging.

Flavoured cigarettes such as fruity or menthol will be also banned.

There are also news related to tobacco portability. 30g pouches of rolling tobacco will be the smallest packaging available, and 10 packs of cigarettes will also be banned. This is to deter people from buying tobacco and cigarettes by making them buy more, therefore paying more at one time [source].

So… apparently smokers will and patience will be pushed to the limit!

Let’s see if this will have a consistent impact on overall population’s health…

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times”. Mark Twain



*1: Australia, the United Kingdom and France have already introduced similar measures.
*2: Please take some minute to visit this web page about “The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding” .