Tattoos came to Europe from Polynesia in the early 19th century through naval routes, according to Wikipedia. Originally this art was visible only on men’s bodies, but from the later 20th century tattoo use has been extended to female users and it’s now considered a fashion accessory.

Honestly… people try to be romantic confirming that each of their tattoos has a deep meaning, but it’s obvious that most of the tattooed people nowadays are just average people scared to “look normal” and who tried to “look special” through some ink under the skin.

I like tattoos, I respect tattooing as a true art but I simply do not like they way it is at the moment in Western World.

Just to have an idea, let’s check some statistic about tattoos in USA:

  • U.S. adults 18 – 25 who have at least one tattoo = 36% ;
  • U.S. adults 26 – 40 who have at least one tattoo = 40% ;
  • Percentage of people with tattoos who claim they are addicted to ink = 32% ;
  • Annual amount of U.S. spending on tattoos = $1,650,500,000.00 ;
  • Average cost of a large tattoo = $150 / hour .

In the past tattoos were associated to criminals [i.e. Japan, Edo period] and/or sailors. Tattoo was a permanent mark with a specific meaning.

Nowadays what the heck all these thousands of people have to “talk about” through tattoos? Which deep knowledge they are going to share through tattoos?! Are all adventurers?! … I would say that their knowledge is more about how many photocopies they did the previous day or about how many sing they song under the shower… Come on! Original tribal tattoos were part of the initiation to a new page of Life. It was like a passport, a genuine proof of identity…

Tattooed girl hoola hoop - Dublin fest

The western world [i.e. USA, Europe] is full of mediocrity, of sterile flamboyance … so the tattoo for a lot of people is just a status symbol to show on some social network and/or to attract attentions they would not get otherwise.

Unfortunately this growing tattoo trend is also creating struggles in more than one Country … even in Japan, one of the Countries that made tattoos so popular [especially through movies].

Life is balance. Exceeding will cause boomerang effect, somewhere, somehow.

“If I had a bloody tattoo for every film I’d done, I’d be a walking billboard”. John Rhys-Davies