Lesbian seduction is one of the unicorns in men’s mind. Everyone heard of it but nobody almost attempted to it.

I personally met a number of lesbian couples, but I’ve never been present to an actual lesbian flirt starting from scratches. Or, maybe, I never noticed it as I did for the plethora of eterosexual flirts happened in my life and having me as involuntary witness.

If I try to make researches on this topic online, dodging all the videos about professional lollipop drawing girls, I find quite strange results.

In another article of this blog I already clarified my point of view about all the branches of LGBTQ world: they are an emerging market, so smart entrepreneurs try to get good money from it.

The online world, searching through keywords as “lesbian seduction” offer as results several web pages written by friendly strangers pretending to give suggestions as talking to teenagers or such, like:

  • “Use eye contact”, and I would say you have to, if you don’t wanna fall in a river or get a car running over you … ;
  • “Smile”… thank you, the only character I saw in my life able to get girls without smiling was Kenshiro [hokuto no ken] ;
  • “Tell her she looks nice”, and I am curious about that, as for eterosexuals flirts sometimes offending [aka teasing] works better than flattering… ;
  • And other useless advises like these ones …

As a brother I would say to a girl who likes another girl:

“Spend your time with the people you like. Share what you want to offer, protect what you want to nourish yourself. A sexual preference, in the limits of Nature and common sense, is not different from a dish preference: don’t feel guilty for that.

It does not exist a manual for love. There can be more than one manual about hooking up techniques or sex positions, and they can work fine, but nothing similar exists for emotions. This is a travel you have to do alone. Enjoy every single step of it.

Parents and friends will not necessarily understand you, be cautious. They are humans like you, so they may not be ready to things they do not get. They did a lot of mistakes in their own life, be sure of it, so be respectful but without any psychological subjection.

If you feel alone, have a walk in a place full of flowers. Plants are beautiful, and they can be hermaphrodite but also male or female as humans, and it’s even more hard to distinguish their genders. This will remind you we are all the same but at the same time unique and special.

Love what makes you feel happy to be alive, this power will protect you at the right time. Forget about the rest, you don’t really need it”.

Cut the ending. Revise the script. The man of her dreams is a girl”. Julie Anne Peters.