Lisbon is a beautiful city, and this is well known.

To the people who appreciate landscaping from terraces which are part of the city itself, Lisbon offers some real hidden gem, the Miradouro (“Belvedere” in Italian, “Mirador” in Spanish, and so on…).

I personally recommend the amazing Miradouro da Nossa senhora do Monte. It offers a unique 180° view on Lisbon, including Tagus river, and a number of other beautiful point of interest all around the town, which may inspire your next move.

If you like/can walk, you can move through the heart of Mouraria to reach it. There is a consistent number of steps with really tough grade, but it worths the effort. Ensure to have water with you, to refresh along the way.

Lisbon - Mouraria steps

I did not find handy connections using public transports.

The neighborhood (Mouraria) is quite safe to explore in the morning (I saw young and old people with families walking around with no stress) and it’s actually under modernisation. I would not recommend it during the night time, as there are too many narrow lanes and cul de sac.

As alternative you can hire the new electric rickshaws Lisbon offers on Summer (I will write more about this service). They are not that cheap but they really give you an authentic “on the road” experience. If you are interested, please ensure to book them with the return, as they are always busy and they do not usually offer “one way” trips.

The landscape from a Miradouro is something special, but reaching it is even better, it’s a sort of walk through the history of the city.

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time”. Steven Wright.