Moore street is more than a lane in Dublin city center. It is [was…] a small but aged and consolidated ecosystem.

According to Wikipedia, the famous Moore Street open air fruit and vegetable market is Dublin’s oldest food market. If you walk along this street you can see local people with small, colored stands, selling fish, fruits and vegetables. Someone also sell cigarettes nearby [as black market, personal experience but not as customer]… You can easily hear the people making advertising of their products, using their voice loudly and creating a sort of melody, as “fresh strawberries….” or “cigarettes and tobacco…tobacco and cigarettes…”.

This melody is one of my first memories of Dublin town, and it’s one of the things I will miss the most of Dublin.

For me Moore street is a sort of Irish village in Dublin city center, in Ireland’s Capital. But again, it’s special, because it is probably more “international” than Dublin itself, and it’s even on Trip Advisor ! .

It’s a melting pot of different shops, managed by people of different nationalities. You have the traditional Irish butcher, the Irish stands with the typical raspberries/strawberries from the Irish countryside, asian markets which spread from their fresh products the typical exotic smells you could only feel getting a plane to Mumbai or such, and some other shop or little mall dedicated to Polish, African or Asian people. 

Your walk would be also probably accompanied by the notes of some busker [street performers in Ireland, usually musicians], which sometimes is something special too.

All these feeling in a street which is long approx.100 meters… try to imagine…

Now all this world is risking to be “destroyed” by the Dublin restyling, due to the frenetic economy the Capitalism caused in Ireland.

Don’t get me wrong, to have a growing economy in town is a great thing, but the local traditions should be protected and enhanced by the City Council. It’s not acceptable to think only in money direction.

The renewal of an area is something that may be important, I understand, but the local small traders are facing hard times, and they need help to survive.

According to the Irish Times, plans to develop a historic cultural quarter on Dublin’s Moore Street and surrounding lanes have been endorsed by the Minister for Arts and Heritage – even though the State is appealing a court order protecting Moore Street as a 1916 “battlefield site”  

[…] “The developers behind the €1.25 billion shopping complex have until 2022 to build on the site. The report says the developers have “advised that they are prepared to consider alternative options”.

So the battle to protect this neighborhood is not finished yet.

Dublin - Save Moore street stand.jpg

I would say that Dublin needs Moore street historical buildings to be “reconditioned” without compromising the traditional economy the lane has.

I would say that Dublin needs Moore street as it is [or as it was, if you like], as there are already several malls in that area, just behind the corner and, I am sorry, they sell all the same things. Tourists come to Ireland also to see these “real life” like lanes, more than another stupid mall with 10 different kind of colored jellies close to their sliding doors …

I would understand if diversity in malls would mean more options for customers. But as this is not true, and malls are almost “all aligned” on same/very similar products and with same/very similar prices, it would be beneficial to move forward and to consider other options to create value in town.

Do you know why I live in this neighborhood? Availability. I want to stay close to everything, cause being on the spot I can see troubles immediately. Trouble is like a cancer, you got to get it early. If you don’t get it early, it gets too big and it kills you… ”. A Bronx tale, Sonny.