Dublin, a beautiful city in Ireland with a tremendous growth in tourism despite its ambiguous weather …

As reported in a previous post here on STANDARDBLANC.COM , Ireland has an average of 151 to 225 days/year with rain on.

The well documented massive tourism growth of Ireland, which has “almost nothing special” in its architecture nor in its naturals landscapes, it’s for me the result of a brainwashing performed by investors [“Because tourism is characterised by the fact that consumption takes place where the service is available and tourism activity is frequently concentrated in areas which lack an intensive industry base, it is credited with having a significant regional distributive effect…”] in Ireland and by all the people who live there and need to believe the weather is acceptable [some Brazilian, Italian, Spanish & co and even the Irish with a self-referential artistic acumen…].

Typing #Dublin, Instagram shows a Lala-Land place, a no-where area with eternal sun and light, full of colors and people doing something outdoor:

Dublin instangram

In my real life experience, Dublin has a lot of colors which are usually de-saturated by the massive clouds and their grey atmosphere, and the only regular activities people do outdoor are about smoking and farting.

I have a photo archive which covers the majority of the year in Dublin, for several years, and the predominance is grey, unfortunately. This just for intellectual honesty.

Dublin - 3 ladies ombrella.jpg

Today there is Ophelia in town, and things do not look different by the year trend… or maybe yes:

  • Schools and colleges are closed ;
  • the USA corporations in Ireland once again pampered their beloved employees sending SPAM messages like “be safe but try to come” > “now that you are in the office and as it still dangerous, please go home and we will mark this day as PTO/unpaid] or  “be safe and work remotely” … This just to contain possible insurance losses due to accidents by employees reaching the company building, of course …

Weather does not look that different from the rest of the year in Ireland, or maybe yes… Dublin at this time is more colorful during such hurricane alert, with the shining lights of Garda cars and the rainbow I catch in one of the few moments along the year when sky is free from clouds …

“Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance”. Charles Lindbergh.