Recently there is a great focus on Ryan Air‘s way to handle its employees.

A company which became a colossus on travel’s business and its low fares, has now its reputation under attack due to the fact that its convenient prices, using matematic, have been created through hard work, I am sure about that, but also through very poor salaries to its employees, compared to the average of this business.

Making a quick and general search on Glassdoor we can see that Ryan Air’s cabin crew earns at least a 20% less than British Airways colleagues. And unfortunately the situation is far more complicated, as Ryan Air’s staff is reporting more and more of their terrible contracts:

  • harsh targets on duty free, scratch-cards and food [source] ;
  • Cabin crew is only paid for the actual time the plane is flying, so the clock does not work when the plane is at the airport, between 2 flights [private source] . This would also explain the existence of the vicious zero-hours contracts “AS many as half the airline’s pilots and cabin crew are employed via agencies […]” that do not provide a real salary but top-up payments according to the actual hours the employees work.

Facing all these escalations from employees, Ryanair’s Mr Jacobs said that employees are not forced to do anything and that new benefits are coming for the company crews. We will see …

The last information we have about Ryan Air is that its employees are planning new strikes these days also because they still have terrible and untold provisions on their contracts, as the ill benefits received as a temporary loan that they will have to return [source].

Leaving Ryan Air, let me say that unfortunately this approach facing people [lack of real respect, superficiality, bullism, vagueness on personal duties but rigour on personal rights, greed], and especially people from other Countries, is something I saw several times in Ireland.

Yes because there is a dark side of this apparently fluid and rich new economy in Ireland: this dark side is made by the evil part of Irish community and nationalism, which from now on I will friendly call “the Farters” [in Italian language = “gli Scorreggioni”].

I will extensively talk about this bad part of the Irish community, because on the other side, the good Irish are nice people, friendly, open minded, creative, relaxed, but unfortunately they are the small number, especially in the big cities. Money and greed are feeding the Scorreggioni, which are multiplying as rabbits, as parasites of an economy they do live, but that they did not obviously create nor understand.

The Scorreggioni are constantly working to make Ireland a more and more tough place to live in, as they believe to be great strategists and managers, but the reality is that they are a group of idiots which feed each other with their own sh_t, making decisions and changes which may even produce money, but that certainly have a bad to terrible impact on people at a lower level, which they do not consider, and a disastrous effect on economy in the mid-long period. This because Scorreggioni move like their cerebral [and intestinal] farts, one step at a time.

How to recognize a Scorreggione?

  • They are a plethora in the jobs where they can hide themselves and delegate a lot, so in the Corporations, which coincidentally are the first employer in Ireland ;
  • Scorreggioni use to be high in number in the majority of the most comfortable jobs available, and they have an exclusive on the ones they cannot be escalated for [i.e. HR, real estate management, Social welfare, etc.] ;
  • They have a “No problem / Can do” attitude for everything, simply because they delegate almost everything to others, which often are non-Irish ;
  • They are strict with others’ performances, but if they do a mistake [and they do a lot of mistakes], their panacea is “sorry about that”, and that’s it ;
  • They often say “Hi how are you” or “how was the weekend”, because they must look friendly but they do not have any empathetic skill nor will to gain it ;
  • They almost never share a face to face, straight, open but positive criticism [unless they are in a really highly solid/higher contractual position on the target], because they are scared by the sort of reactions genuine people have trying to improve themselves ;
  • They are the first to book the holidays in the office ;
  • They take an unusual amount of breaks from work, which are not permitted to others ;
  • They have stupid special projects at work, and then they are rewarded as if they invented a time machine ;
  • They always have “friends” in the “top” management of the place they work, which are probably Scorreggioni like them, or if the were not the became so, as their attitude is contagious ;
  • Scorreggioni use to always have a “best possible” entry level in their jobs, this thanks to their brown-nosed networking, which is their only defense from extinction ;
  • I am also working of their typical physical appearance, which is not that easy/fair to limitate, I agree. Men usually have a triangular head with the flat side top, they walk with their hands in their trousers pockets and their natural expression is the one of Homer Simpson thinking about donuts; women often use the orangish fake tan and use expressions like “class”, “glorious”, “stop it” in everything they say and they use vomiting sweet fragrances.
  • Both men and women use to be loud when they are going to “help” someone, they [fake] laugh loudly too, and in the offices they may have tendence to literally run, especially men, as to show they are really engaged, proactive and fast on daily duties …. In one word: disgusting.

I hope you liked this introduction to the Scorreggioni Way.

In the meantime if you want to enjoy Ireland, stay away from Scorreggioni and enjoy the other nice local people in the Country.

“I burp, I fart. I’m a real woman”. Kate Winslet.