Here we are again.
Italians voted to create their new Parliament after years of caretaker government, but their decision is useless or sterile, if you like. Italians cannot improve their position, even if they want to.
Just to give you an idea, last elected Italian Parliament is from 2008.
On 2011 the domino effect of the Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy forced the Italian Government to quit due to the tremendous peak of the National debt. This drove the Italy political/economical management into the hands of a sort of bankruptcy liquidator, Mario Monti. This man imposed a heavy austerity in Italy, that pushed the mid-lower class to the limit.
Then another election on 2013, as the moderate right wing of Italian politicians revoked the support to Mario Monti government.
Again, the 2013 Italian elections did not create a solid result, so no Political party was able to handle the Country itself. A decision of the Italian Republic President created a new Government, Governo Letta, that long lasted 9 months and 25 days [!!!].
Then Mr. Letta resigned and again the Italian Republic President picked another name from his own preferences, Matteo Renzi.
Renzi presented himself as a “Obama style” politician, with a self-taught Can-do attitude.
Unfortunately the real, tangible accomplishment of Renzi and his ego has been to unify the Italians to vote against his update of Italian Constitution through the dedicated 2016 referendum . As Renzi claimed to resign from his “political career” if the referendum would had a negative outcome, Italians gave him a solid reply. He resigned 3 days after the results…
After Renzi, a new caretaker government arrived, again a name picked by the Italian Republic President personal preferences, choosing from the same political wing of Renzi, basically ignoring all the other political parties that Italians voted along last 2 elections… Paolo Gentiloni.
The Gentiloni government long lasted until now, March 2018, as Italians came to vote. We close the circle we started to draw as from above.
Please also note that the 2 Italian Republic Presidents that unilaterally created the last 3 caretaker governments, Giorgio Napolitano and Sergio_Mattarella had their political life in the same political party that people like Renzi later on managed and represented, the PD…
This should help you to understand why even if in Italy the center-right political wing wins, nothing changes in terms of laws and economy: nothing really changes because the basic structure of Italian politic is made of a moderate center-left wing that is obstructionist against changes proposed by others, and very quick for the decisions they want to take [as the sneaky compulsory money collection made during the Amato Government, along the night of 9th July 1992– please note, also Giuliano Amato was part of the same center-right political wing Napolitano, Mattarella and Renzi come from, understand?!].
So, as I use to tell you on and on, if you are a foreigner and you want to criticize an Italian, please use your empathy trying to imagine the amount of shXt we have to deal with every day. Our Government is our first enemy, and we are constantly under pressure because Revenue and all other parts of our political and bureaucratic National structure squeeze us cent after cent, on and on.
This is not an excuse for all the mistakes we do, but if you like take it as memorandum to not become with us. We are in war, for our dignity as taxpayers, as citizens, as people.
The bitter-sweet part of this situation is the feeling that it may be nice for foreigners, when they come to visit us, in our land.
Lack of organization and reliability, transports are late, streets are full of pickpockets, pollution, people yelling … As a nightmare that gives you adrenaline because you don’t know what’s coming next, you like it just because somehow you know it will come to an end as you are conscious you are just dreaming, and soon you will be back home.
“Mickey Mantle? That’s what you’re upset about? Mantle makes $100,000 a year. How much does your father make? If your father can’t pay the rent go ask Mickey Mantle and see what what he tells you. Mickey Mantle don’t care about you. Why should you care about him? Nobody cares…” . Sonny, A Bronx Tale.

The featured image “Primavera” is a courtesy from Tommaso Panatta.